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With one in ten adults living with food allergies, it is so important that employers are educated on how to keep their employees healthy, safe and maintain an inclusive environment. Dr. Kagan’s presentation to our colleagues provided information on recognizing anaphylaxis, reading labels, safely making accommodations and general Q & A about food allergies. We want to ensure that all colleagues feel included, and with food being a part of so many work events, the information Dr. Kagan provided will benefit so many at our organization. Thank you!

Associated Bank, Neenah, WI

Olga's informative discussion with our teachers about Anaphylaxis and the Epinephrine Auto-Injector provided the means of how to recognize and respond to an anaphylaxis emergency, including administering an epinephrine auto-injector. The participants gained a greater understanding of what an allergy is and the difference between a mild and a severe reactions.  Creating a safe environment is vital in the prevention of food-induced anaphylaxis.  The staff walked away better equipped to both keeping the classroom safe and allergen free as well as being prepared in case of an emergency.  Thank you Olga for your enthusiasm and on-point message about this critical health issue.

Sharon Solomon

Religious School Director

Temple Beth Shalom, Roslyn, NY

I have had the pleasure of knowing Olga Kagan for five years. She has been an instrumental force in our program of ensuring that all school bus drivers and monitors are trained concerning foodborne allergies and anaphylaxis. She has presented on the subject to our transportation staff on multiple occasions. She is extremely knowledgeable in this arena and is an exceptional trainer. She has a knack of keeping the audience interested and involved. We are grateful to have her as a resource and she is an exceptional advocate for children with food allergies.

James  Popkin,

Supervisor of Transportation,

Great Neck Public Schools

I have known Olga for many years. After learning that my children have life-threatening food allergies, I knew that I would need guidance and advice from a professional who is well-versed and experienced in prevention strategies and  treatment options for an allergic reaction and asthma. I turned to Olga, who has provided our family with reliable sources of information, ongoing support, referrals, and follow up. Olga educated us on prevention strategies, cross-contact, how to read labels, and how to recognize hidden allergens. She shared coping strategies with us and made referrals to allergists. Under her guidance we successfully negotiated reasonable school accommodations and learned to plan effectively for social situations to keep our kids safe and included. Olga is an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and compassionate professional. Every time I speak with her I gain confidence in my ability to help my kids as they face unique challenges in different stages of life.

Susana Khaimova

A Parent of Two Children With Allergies

Forest Hills, NY

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